Story therapy


Who you are is what you write

Our writing finds us at the intersection of the personal and fictional. In fiction, we bring ourselves into the story, imbuing our characters with many of our own traits, quirks, and passions. In memoir and non-fiction, we find ourselves examining the factual content, and structuring it with the imagination of fiction, tweaking and shuffling ideas to get to the truth beyond the facts. 

Many of us spend hours, weeks, years in therapy, examining our lives, coming to a better understanding of who we are. In Story Therapy we use many of the same concepts, listening deeply to what we want to say, getting to the root of our ideas, and shaping our stories the way we shape our lives. Our goal is to bring a more intimate understanding of each story, seeing how it relates to ourselves, and the world in which we live.

In each session the client can address any portion or overview of a novel, play, screenplay, or any work in progress, and we will unwind the ideas, crafting a story that satisfies on many levels.

Sessions are scheduled in one-hour increments, with all-day-intensives offered throughout the year. I will use my years of theatrical training and professional writing (and being a damned good friend and listener) to help you dig deeper and reach further into your work.