Douglas Moser



A novel by

Douglas Moser

James Morrison, a management consultant only a “fart-sniff away from partner,” sees a brutal murder on another train during his evening commute; when no body is found, he chalks it up to overwork.  Imagine his surprise when he discovers his new client is the maniacal killer he saw on the train.  Just how far is James willing to go to become partner in his firm? A wickedly funny thriller that leaves you guessing until the very last page.     

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Feature-length screenplay by

Douglas Moser and Pat Watkins

Cowgirl’s sweet, sultry voice is a beacon of hope for the lost believers and horny truckers up and down Highway 11 near York, Alabama.  When Berryl Bell ends up dead — choked to death on a blond wig — his son Jimmy Bell has a vision to make Cowgirl  “God’s Cable Queen” for his new superstore.  How can she forsake her family for cable-access fame and fortune in her own “telly-tabernacle” in the parking lot of Jimmy Bell’s Drugs ‘n’ Thangs?  Cowgirl must take her own trip through mercantile hell to understand the true salvation of being “Reborn Again.”

A raucous comedy filled with country/gospel/rhythm & blues music, Reborn Again celebrates faith, family, and cowboy boots.  Listen